When You Feel Like a Failure Consider This

We’ve all experienced it haven’t we?   That unwanted and perhaps embarrassing feeling of failure. You look at what you have or haven’t done in your life, whether that’s over the last few days, weeks, months or years, and you can’t help thinking how pathetic it all is especially when you compare yourself to what […]

Do You Really Lack Confidence or Could it be Something Else?

No matter where you are in life right now, it’s likely that at some point along the way, confidence has been an issue for you. It could be something specific or something a bit more general but either way, there’s something you haven’t managed to do in the way that you’d like and you find […]

My Background Story and What It Means for The Confidence Haven

  As a child, there were two sides to me: the laughing, playful side, and the quiet, shy non-talkative side. It wasn’t as if I had a plan to be that way, it just happened. I can’t quite remember when it all started. Perhaps I had been that way from the word go. All I […]