Here’s Some Proof For You

Proof of what? you ask.

Your confidence, that’s what. You believe you have none. Zero. Zilch.

I don’t have the confidence to do ‘this thing’. I don’t have the confidence to do ‘that thing’. You’re so convinced that you’re not a confident person and that is all you see – the unconfident version of yourself.

But hold on… if you weren’t confident – if you had zero confidence – you wouldn’t be able to do half of the things you do every single day.

Are you really going to tell me that you do NOTHING all day, every day?

To accomplish that major feat (and it really would be a major accomplishment), you’d have to stay in bed, close your eyes and NEVER get up. Never get out of that thing – and I mean ever.

Ok, so you may have days like that here and there. The days when you hide away in bed and do nothing, say nothing, eat nothing, if you can get away with it.

But I bet you there are more occasions – a lot more – when you feel like hiding away but you don’t. Even if you have to push yourself to do other things, the fact is, you don’t give in to the temptation of crawling back into bed or hiding away someplace else.

Instead, you do the things that need to be done and you know what happens when you do them? Not much really. You just do them.

You might feel bored, yawn and let your mind wander but apart from that, very little happens. You do the thing and then move on, and guess what…

Right there is your proof. Proof that you are confident enough to do those things, at least.

Did you jump on the internet to try to figure out HOW to do them? Did you? Or did you just get on with it? Did you freak out whilst doing that thing? Or did you just get on with it?

Maybe you did look on the internet. Maybe you did freak out.

And if your mind wandered whilst you did that thing, then that’s even bigger proof that you have the confidence to do whatever-it-is. You weren’t even thinking about it while you were DOING it.

So you want to tell me you’re not confident? I don’t believe you.

You want to tell me you’ve never been confident? I don’t believe you.

You want to tell me you’ll never be confident? Sorry, you can’t convince me because…

You already ARE.

I know, I know, you don’t feel confident in certain situations and that’s fair enough but there is some confidence there, somewhere. Take that and run with it. Enjoy it. Embrace it. So what if it’s only a little bit of confidence. It’s still there.

What’s that saying? It’s better than nothing.

Still, you want to feel MORE confident. That little bit is not enough. I get it and it’s no bad thing. You now (hopefully) realise though, that to say you aren’t a confident person isn’t true. Different levels of confidence? Yes.

But, more please!

And that’s why I created The Confidence Haven. It’s an online platform for you to be inspired and encouraged, as well as get the chance to practise the things you want or need to do in your life or business to grow in confidence in a way that feels natural to you.

To stay in touch and be a part of The Confidence Haven community, click here

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