If You Know Who You Are, Why Are You STILL Not Happy?

Ask most people if they know themselves and their answer is likely to be “of course I do”. It would be strange after all, to walk around all day every day and not have an inkling about who you are. We know that we’re a mother, a sister, an aunt, a cousin, a friend and so forth.

We know that we work at xyz company or run such and such business and that people describe us as quiet or funny or intelligent etc. There are plenty of things we could come up with about ourselves, including the things we can and can’t do and a list of thing we’re good at.

And that’s great because i’m a firm believer that to experience the most happiness in life, the place to start is by knowing who you are and being comfortable with that. And I’m not the only one to believe this. There are plenty of quotes and articles out there that suggest the same thing.

So why is it that if a woman knows herself so well, she’s still not happy?

Are you unhappy?

You may be unhappy with job, yourself or your life in general and the search for happiness seems like an endless battle that you’ll never completely win. You might get a taste of happiness when the weekend arrives, when you’re with friends or when you accomplish some goal you’ve set for yourself.

But then, you go back to wishing, wanting and yearning. It’s that ‘not quite there yet’ feeling that forever bugs you.

Could it be that maybe you don’t know yourself as well as you’d like to think you do? Maybe who you THINK you are is partly made up of the beliefs others have about you and maybe, there’s some ‘digging’ you could do… some tuning in.

Digging deep and tuning in to what’s really important to you and uncovering some truths that have been ignored for far too long. If you do that, what you may find is that there’s a mismatch between your truth and the current reality of your life.

It could even be that you uncover a truth that you didn’t even know was there, either because you simply never looked in that direction or it’s always been there but it’s been buried so far down that you’ve forgotten about it.

What’s the current reality of your life?

On a scale of 1-10 – 10 means happy more often than not and 1 means not happy at all – how happy are you with yourself and your life right now? And that’s including both the ups and downs because we know life is never plain sailing.

If you’re anywhere near 10, you probably don’t even need to read this post and i’m happy for you. If you’re a lot further away from 10 and you’re not happy, I have another question for you…

What IS your truth?

And another one…

Are you prepared to do some digging? Some tuning in so you’re clear on what’s important to you?

And one more…

When are you going to start?

I’m not saying that you’ll always feel happy 100% of the time. This is life and we’re all human so sometimes, you’ll feel anything but happy but this is about being connected to your truth – who you really are – because when you’re not only connected to your truth but you’re also making ongoing changes (big or small) in your life that are starting to reflect that truth, you feel a sense of satisfaction.

It creates a feel-good feeling.

Whether it happens quickly or slowly doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you feel as though you’re being true to yourself more often than not and that alone will impact on how happy you feel every day.

So maybe one final question to finish off…

If you don’t do this… for yourself, are you prepared to keep feeling unhappy without complaining about it or feeling hopeless?

In other words, if you want to get to know yourself and feel good about it, thinking about and then dismissing it as something that’ll (hopefully) happen one day won’t be helpful to you.

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