The Quiet Spotlight Interview: Meet Joanna Daniel

They are trapped in toxic relationships and are unsure why they are there and how to get out

Country: Wales, UK



I work with people who are healing from childhood trauma, I help limit the impact of trauma on their romantic relationships and parental responses.



I started my business because I’ve met so many people who are unable to speak because of the trauma that they experienced in childhood. They are trapped in toxic relationships and are unsure why they are there and how to get out.

They are struggling in parenting accepting that they are ‘failing’ but unsure how to begin to tackle the issue.

I am most passionate about helping to break generational cycles of pain.

I help parents who experience trauma to heal so that it doesn’t negatively impact their children.  I was at a retreat some years ago when I was told that a question was rejected from a young person because people believed she wanted to stir ‘trouble’.

Hearing the question, it was a clear sign that this young person needs help.  However, because the perception was that she was from a ‘good’ home this was rejected. It was clear to me that the parents needed help in order to respond to the needs of this child. However, it was too uncomfortable and everyone moved on, maybe except that family.  We help parents to work through their stuff so that they can hear and connect with their children.



Networking.  Getting out and meeting the right people to perhaps build partnerships with.



Running my first parenting after trauma course.  This is my program I am most proud of and it always makes my heart sing when parents give feedback and I see that it is useful and is making a difference in their parenting.



You are not alone. There are many quiet women before you who are doing it successfully.  Keep going and one day you will be one of them. 

FB: @woundstoscar

Instagram @joannadaniel04


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