The Quiet Spotlight Interview: Meet Vanessa Karikari

I really want to help others with dry skin through my products

Country: United Kingdom  



I sell 100% natural, handmade and cruelty free body care products which are made to help treat dry skin conditions. My products are for women, mainly mothers as a lot of children suffer from dry skin conditions.



My daughter had eczema and I tried so many products to try to treat her skin but most of them either made the condition worse or just didn’t make any improvement. I really want to help others with dry skin through my products.



So much seriously but I would say the biggest thing is not marketing my business enough by telling people about it and not attending networking and other events for fear of having to talk to people.



Just being able to make regular sales now, I have always wanted to be at this point in my business but not sure if I would get there because I always hold myself back.



Feel the fear and do it anyway but also give yourself time to grow and don’t beat yourself up if you feel shy and back away from something. Try again tomorrow or when the opportunity presents itself again. It takes time to psych yourself up and try again but you will get there if you want it badly enough. Also use your why to motivate you to do what you’re  fearful of.


Thank you Vanessa for taking part in The Quiet Spotlight!

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