The Quiet Spotlight Interview: Meet Luisa Kearney

“I have connected with famous people who have become fans of my platform”


Country: United Kingdom  



I am a professional fashion stylist and editor. I specialise in offering convenient online personal styling and shopping services for women all over the world.

I aim to provide my audience and clients with essential lessons in fashion and style. Quite often it isn’t a case of not having anything to wear, the issue is not knowing what to look for when shopping and not knowing how to style your outfits in the right way.



Online Personal Stylist is all about “luxury” fashion. Online Personal Stylist is redefining luxury fashion by shifting the focus to how fantastic a garment makes you feel, rather than its price tag!

Fashion shouldn’t provoke textile waste, but should encourage followers to build a style legacy. Ethical and affordable fashion can still be luxurious and chic, just like high-end, designer garments are not a quick fix to looking stylish – it’s all down to styling techniques!

Online Personal Stylist’s luxury fashion is about creating a bespoke tailor made dress style to suit everything about you – your physical features, lifestyle, style tastes and budget!


The ONLINE PERSONAL Stylist Manifesto:

“Dressing well in clothes that you love is the new luxury fashion!

Fashion is less an exhibit of beauty,

but more an expression of who we are, what we believe in,

our personal values and how we can influence people!”



For me, the biggest challenge is getting the balance right between connecting with my audience and knowing what to hold back. I am a very private person and although I LOVE running an online business, I am very conscious of what I am sharing.

I love connecting with my audience and clients but I am always careful not to “overshare”. Actually, I have realised that my fear of oversharing hasn’t held me back but has been preventing me from allowing my audience to get to know me, so I have tried to add more personality to my blog and social media posts more recently. I even put together a Q&A post so that people can get to know me better.



There have been many highs in my business. I have connected with famous people who have become fans of my platform. I have met some amazing people and have been given some amazing opportunities. However, the number one best thing is having a network of followers and clients who love what I do.

There is nothing better than going to work each day and being appreciated for the work you do and being able to share your passion with amazing ladies from all over the world!



Part of the reason why your clients choose to work with you is based on their opinion of you. Don’t feel like you need to be somebody else – just be the best version of yourself. There is room for different personalities in business and your clients will choose you because they are drawn to your unique personality.


Thank you Luisa for taking part in The Quiet Spotlight!

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