Think For Yourself More

Is what you believe about how we should or shouldn’t go through life really your belief?

We have so many of them, don’t we?

– You have to go to uni to get a good job

– You should work your way up the career ladder

– You should continue certain traditions

– You should be married by the time you’re whatever years old

– You should be earning x amount of money

– You’re ‘past it’ by the time you reach xx age

– To get fit, you have to go to the gym

– You’re too old to do name-that-thing in your 30s, 40s…

I could list many more.

But are they really your beliefs or were they passed on to you and now, you’ve decided to hold on to them for dear life and never let them go…

Because if you did, what then? Who would you be? HOW would you be? What are you supposed to think and believe without the beliefs that have now gone?

So many questions…

Maybe you’d be lost without them. Maybe you’d be ridiculed if you chose to believe something different, not because you’re trying to be some kind of rebel but because it’s something you believe deep in your heart.

*This* is what’s true for me.

*This* is what I believe.

Are you willing to share or are you going to hold on to what everyone says is the right thing to think?

Are you going to continue to allow them to infiltrate your mind and fill it with their thoughts and their beliefs while you blindly follow along, nodding your head like a nodding dog?

There must be something you believe that goes against what most people think. Own that thing. What is it?

Say it to yourself. Say it out loud, I dare you.

It’s very likely that whatever it is you believe, there are many others out there who would agree with you but you might be worried that you’ll upset someone or maybe you’ve seen people who have had others make fun of them for sharing what they believe.

And you don’t want people making fun of YOU so… no thanks.

But if you’re so worried, let me go first…

One of the things I believe is that manufacturers put sugar in most foods (especially in savoury foods where there doesn’t need to be any) because they know sugar is addictive. So they add it in so that people become addicted and keep going back for more. Et voila, they continue to make money.

I don’t care if no-one agrees with me, although I know people will. Even if they didn’t agree, it’s what I believe and my mind won’t change on this one.

So what about you?

Is there something you believe that you haven’t shared? Own it. Say it right here if you like. That doesn’t mean i’ll definitely agree with you. I might, I might not but I won’t deny you of your belief(s). In fact, I can’t. I can’t take something that you believe away from you unless I reach inside your mind and pull it or them out.

You might receive a ‘yes, exactly!’

You might get an ‘ok, I don’t necessarily feel/think the same as you about xyz but you’re allowed to think what you think’.

You might even receive a shocked ‘whaaaat??!!’

It doesn’t mean we can’t be respectful towards one another. It doesn’t mean we have to get into an argument. It might mean we have to step away from each other and not speak to each other.

Or talk about it…

But it’s how life works. The more you can get comfortable with not just owning who you are but also what you think and the more you can accept that yes, some people’s reactions won’t be so positive, the less you’ll worry and the more you’ll be able to get on with your life.

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