What it Means to Be Weird and What it Means When Others Say it

You’re weird…

There, I said it.

How does it make you feel when you think of yourself as being weird?

What type of person or personality enters your mind when you think of someone who’s considered weird or a weirdo?

Maybe you think of someone whom everyone stays away from or they just slowly back away when they come to the conclusion that the person to whom they’re talking seems a bit…strange.

I was on the bus yesterday and no sooner had I climbed aboard, I heard an angry voice, shouting in what seemed like a foreign language (I don’t think it was, sounded like gibberish but I could be wrong).

As I looked over to where this voice was coming from, my eyes settled on a woman. She appeared to be having a go at someone behind her. I soon realised that she wasn’t talking to anyone at all, she was having a full-blown conversation at the top of her voice with… herself.

There she was chatting away non-stop, laughing hard and really loud and the seat next to her remained empty. No-one wanted to sit next to her.

I’m pretty sure that many of the passengers on that bus thought she was some kind of weirdo that might do them some harm had they sat next to her. Truth be told, I didn’t sit next to her either because I had no idea how she might react. There’s a good chance she wouldn’t have done anything but nobody could tell so none of us bothered.

Maybe weird isn’t even the right word that they would have used. Perhaps, crazy.

Whatever they thought of her, the point i’m making is that some people will call you weird because of what you think, how you dress, how you behave etc. It may have already happened to you.

What makes some people feel absolutely fine with being labelled as weird but for others, it’s mortifying?

Some people go as far as calling themselves weird and they wear that label with pride. Even I don’t mind being called weird because there’s one thing i’ve come to understand over the years and I think the people who don’t mind being labelled as such have the same understanding as me.

You see, I didn’t think of that woman on the bus as being some kind of weirdo. I had, and still have, absolutely no idea about what was going on in her mind and her life for her to be that way. Is it possible that she would have been upset with being thought of as weird? Maybe, maybe not.

But the thing is, just because I didn’t understand her, it doesn’t mean it automatically makes her ‘weird’ and that’s the most important thing to keep in mind…

I didn’t understand or *get* her, that’s all. She didn’t do anyone any harm and kept herself to herself; she was just extremely loud.

When people call you weird they’re saying a couple of things:

1. I don’t understand you

2. You don’t fit my viewpoint of how people are supposed to be

They don’t get you just like I didn’t get the woman on the bus. We can all make our assumptions about a person based on how they act and behave, alongside other factors, and sometimes we may be right.

Whether right or not, it all comes back to not getting or understanding that person. But that doesn’t mean justifying and ignoring a person’s dangerous behaviour. Whether you perceive them as weird or not, you can’t sit back and ponder over how you should label them if you see them doing harm to others.

So what being weird really means is that you’re living your life differently from the masses or not necessarily the masses but a group of people who do things in a similar way to one another. Their beliefs… their viewpoints about how to be and how to live life are fixed around certain opinions and ideas.

It could even mean that one solitary person has honed in on something specific about you and has decided that they don’t like it for whatever reason. All they know to do in that moment of not being able to get you is use that word.

But it all comes back to the same thing…

Whether one person or a group, they simply don’t understand you (and maybe they don’t even want to).

Next time you hear someone talking about a person, or even you, being weird, remember to focus more on the underlying meaning rather than making the word mean something terrible and then, carry on with your life whilst you wear your ‘weird’ label with pride.

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