Who Are You, Really?

I was asked this question once many years ago and I couldn’t even answer it because I had NO idea. I was so overwhelmed by the question that I didn’t even manage to state the fact that i’m a mum.

It’s not exactly one of those everyday questions you ask or get asked…

How are you? WHO are you?

Of course, it depends on the context but when you’re being asked to delve into your truth, it can be difficult to answer because it’s not something you think about all that much, unless you’ve already started to reflect on the question.

You might find it easy to give your job title, state (unlike me back then) the fact that you’re a mum, a twin, a friend, a sister etc but beyond that?

If you’ve never taken the time to stop and think about it, you may find that you struggle to come up with anything else, which isn’t a bad thing. YOU’RE not a bad person for not knowing and you’re definitely not the only one so no need to feel embarrassed.

Sure, I cringed when I was faced with the harsh reality that I didn’t have an answer but how can you be expected to answer such a question if you’ve never ‘gone there’ before? You’re going to need time to reflect a little… maybe a lot.

So if you haven’t given the ‘who are you’ question any real thought, maybe it’s time you did but it’s not about having some kind of impressive answer at the ready just in case someone asks you the question. It’s about having clarity about yourself, FOR yourself.

I’ve said this once before (maybe more) and i’m pretty sure i’ll say it many more times; having clarity helps you to not only understand yourself more but it also puts you in a position where you can decide what changes you want to make in your life so that it fits who you really are and as a result, you’ll naturally start to feel more confidence.

If you’re still reading this post, then i’ll assume you’re at least a little bit, if not completely, open to considering what your answer to this all-important question could be so let’s get you moving in that direction.

Knowing who you are consists of a few things:

  • What’s important to you
  • Your personality
  • Your beliefs

I could go all spiritual on you and start talking about how you are more than the flesh and bones that make up your physical self but this blog is not based on spirituality. I might slightly veer in that direction here and there but not completely – i’ll leave that to others.

Another thing you can add to the list is your wants. The things that you desire, deep down. The reason I suggest adding in your wants is because whatever you want right now makes up a part of who you are.

That craving… that yearning you feel for whatever-it-is. Let’s call it your soul cravings.

Whatever you want can change over time but no matter how many times it changes or evolves, it’s still what you want.

So here are a few quick questions for you to reflect on…

1. What matters the most to you when it comes to relationships, your health, work, family etc –  all the different parts of your life?

2. When you’re around people who get you and accept you exactly as you are, what are you like?

3. What are your true beliefs when it comes to living your life? This can be joined with what you (really) want for yourself?

Answer those questions and they will help you to start figuring out who you are.

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